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Gone in 6 seconds

So you’ve heard the phrase gone in 60 seconds - well how about we make it 6!

A new way of video advertising is here and it’s short and sweet.

Starting from what we’d now call a long 60 seconds, advertisements have been shrinking in their playtime from the OG minute, to 30 seconds, to 15 and now to 6.

While longer form video ads have their place, the proof is in the production that it’s been highly-beneficial to go shorter - especially in our mobile world where more and more people are on-the-go consumers on their smartphones.

Ad spaces such as YouTube have been offering advertisers 6 second slots that consumers can’t skip through, giving your ad the watch time without the ability of skipping past aka the risk of your message being lost.


1. With a shorter ad, you can grab immediate attention from your potential and existing customers.

2. You also won’t be overloading consumers with drawn-out information or excessive information overload. Shorter exposure means less risk of consumers tiring of your content.

3. A lot of people use their phones in short snippets of time on lunch breaks or quickly over their morning coffee. With a shorter ad, you’re creating top-of-mind brand awareness.

4. Having a good balance of your message and brand in a concise format creates connection with your audience.

5. A simple, powerful image can spark an emotion that will stay with your audience longer than 6 seconds. A to-the-point message with the right imagery and/or music can create an impact that well outlasts the time of the ad itself.

'sounds good but how would I do it?!'

1. Keep it simple

There’s not much time to play with - so come up with a clear message and run with it. Think of it like you’re telling a joke - have your punchline and only say what’s necessary for its delivery.

2. Make it relatable.

People will always connect with something they can relate to.

3. Present your brand at the beginning

Even though it’s just 6 seconds, it’s always a good idea to present who you are straight away to capitalise on top-of-mind awareness.

4. Connect the ad to your business goals

If you have clear goals in mind in what you’re wanting to achieve for your business outcomes, use that as your starting point for content. Don’t be afraid to hone in and be specific. A great hook will lure your audience to you where they can find out all the little extra details.

5. Talk to us!

With our amazing team of creatives, your goals can become reality. Talk to us today about what we can do for you!



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