You Look Trendy 2018!

With the new year just around the corner (the year has gone so fast, the inertia has left us with a bit of a headache), it’s always an exciting time to see design trends for the upcoming year… and it’s shaping up to be quite a trendy year at that (is the word ‘trendy’ still trendy?)

Check out some of the 2018 design trends below and enjoy the visuals, inspo and creative ideas that might flow from what will be popping up over the next 12 months! (And let us know if you’d like us to help make one of those creative ideas you have come to life)


I’ve started off the trends with this one because this is probably the one we’re loving the most and have loved using over the past little while (and will continue to use!)

The ‘grid’ is an all-too-familiar term to designers and is used to create structure and harmony across a design, page or site. Recently, this been considered more of a creative 'restraint' rather than a golden rule that must be followed, and we have been seeing a lot of layouts that have broken the free of the grid.

This allows text elements and images to drift into and across the gutters that usually serve as hard stops in more sober layouts. It’s almost a nod to the desire within us as humans to perhaps ‘go off the grid’ in a society that is regimented on structure, form and sometimes predictable progression.

Overlay, overlap and juxtaposition are making their way out from the shadows and we may also be guilty of breaking said grid more than a few times (no, we weren’t crazy - perhaps ahead of the times?)


GIFs have come a long way since their animated clip art days and are fitting in with the modern web nicely. Adding interest and motion to websites, emails, logos and icons, adding animation often makes you feel like you’re having your own interaction with whatever it is you’re viewing and all of a sudden this 2-dimensional design comes alive.

Animated GIFs have become a strong trend on their own and it’s clear to see why - they’re appealing, clever, unique and attention grabbing.


Not crooked - angled! Going off the grid in a different way is the emergence of angles - straying from the usual 90°, designs are moving on an angle which freshens up the designs simply by altering the perspective of the viewer. A simple, yet effective tool when used wisely, this fresh perspective keeps designs inviting and uber engaging.


The world of illustration continues to get larger and larger. There are endless possibilities with illustration and custom drawing and there will be more of it in 2018.

Why this is happening fascinates me, and I can’t decide exactly what it is. Perhaps it’s just the same cyclicality we’ve long observed in the world of fashion — after all, illustration dominated the advertising world up till the late 60s or so.

Not only illustration on it’s own, but combining it with real photography and imagery, gives the illustration a realness, and the photo an abstract edge that pushes art into the spotlight.


We’re seeing more and more unconventional and in some instances ‘destructive’ techniques with graphic design. Everything that includes distortion, ripping off, breaking, holographic, double exposure, duotone or any other form of altering the aesthetics of a composition is considered modern in 2018. We don’t have a problem with this at all and we don’t think you will either after you’ve seen some of these pieces.

As you can see, the year that we are stepping into will be full of rule breaking, and strengthening the connection between our society and the devices and screens that we depend on so heavily.

Get in touch with us if what you’ve seen has inspired you in any way! We live and breathe creativity and would love to help you bring something fresh and new to the table.

Upile Mkoka

Designer - Marketing Mafia

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