New Year, New Look!

Welcome to 2018 everyone!

With a new year comes lots of exciting things for us to look forward to. I'm sure you have all set yourself some personal new year's resolutions but what about your business? Is your business's current brand still fresh and modern or are you stuck in the last century?

The start of a new year is the perfect time to update your look and develop a plan for the next 12 months.


Your logo is like your business's visual mark and it appears everywhere from your website, social media pages, your business cards, your store etc. With your logo broadcasted in so many places, you want to ensure that it's on-point, on trend and portraying a positive image of who you are and what you do.

No matter how iconic your logo might be, there comes a time when it needs a refresh because the truth is no logo can stay relevant forever. As times change so does your business and your logo should reflect that. When you think back to when you last updated your logo, you should ask yourself, "has the business changed since then?" If yes, your logo should be updated too.

Changing your logo doesn't have to be a dramatic change but it should be similar to your existing logo with just a few tweaks to refreshen it. Take a look at google for example.


A good logo is one that is simplistic, versatile, appropriate and unique. Is your logo all of these things? If not, it might time to give it an update.

When looking at the logo trends for 2018, they are very exciting offering lots of new creative ideas and avenues to be explored. 2018 is the year for creative and imaginative typography where breaking the grid of keeping the text aligned is encouraged. Bright colours are also a trend setter for 2018 making attracting the attention of your audience easier than ever. Geometric shapes were a big hit in 2017 and are still on trend for 2018 allowing for endless creation with lines and shapes. I can't wait to get to the drawing board and get creative with some of these trends for 2018 and create some exciting new logos this year.


While having a great on-trend logo is important, it doesn't stop there. Your logo is extended to create a story. Maybe your logo still looks great but have you thought about your overall branding?

Branding has never been so important. It has the power to shape the perception of those that matter to you. Creating a consistent brand that is strong and relevant to you, your personality and your business model should be a top priority when it comes to updating your brand.

Changing your branding doesn't mean you have to change your logo. It can be as simple as adding some additional colours or maybe just updating the colour shades to create a new and exciting look that is on trend. The way you apply your logo can make a world of difference.

Take Mecca for example, their logo is very simplistic but the way they showcase their brand takes people to a whole new world. It's amazing, I love it! (It makes me want to buy something every time I see it). Check out some of their marketing examples below and be inspired.

Give yourself the opportunity to inspire and create impact with your branding by giving your business a new look this new year.


Let's take a look at Dropbox as an example. They recently revamped their logo with a new shade of blue and a new font as well as updating their branding to include a new colour palette that can be applied to their logo. Their new brand is very fun and on trend. Their branding includes the use of animations and illustrations mixed with real life images which are all very trendy designs that we are seeing in the current visual market.

Check out some examples of Dropbox's new branding below.

2018 is set to be an interesting year for logo design trends where boundaries will be pushed and we will see some creative designs never seen before.

If you are looking to give your brand a new look this new year, come and see us. Let us create an exciting, fun and on-trend look for your business.

Hayley Reddiex

Designer - Marketing Mafia

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